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Central Portugal

Are you tired of the daily stress of cities? You´d like a peaceful location to live in, near nature, with lots of History, tradition and various spectacular touristic points?

Welcome to central Portugal!

Of an absolutely fantastic natural beauty, amidst rivers and mountains, this is an area where you can rest and feed your soul with peace.

Around the beautiful and picturesque towns of Pedrógão Grande, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Castanheira de Pêra and Sertã, you´ll find plenty of fascinating touristic points, from centuries-old churches, monuments with lots of History to tell, a curious and delicious local cuisine, museums, tracks amidst nature, well, experiences that will delight your senses!

If you like fishing, sailing or just to relax, you´ll find 3 great lakes that are one of our main trademarks: Cabril, Castelo de Bode and the third… well, it´s a secret worthy of being discovered!

Additionally, to keep on the same wavelength, various River Beaches were inaugurated, perfect for the whole family to have fun during the hot Portuguese summer, such as Rocas´s River Beach, the biggest of its kind with artificial waves in Portugal, in the town of Castanheira de Pêra.

You can also enjoy the Shist Villages Route (Rota das Aldeias de Xisto), a marker of the culture and tradition of this region of Portugal, where its inhabitants will welcome you with open arms and with great hospitality.

The big cities are not that far away, as well as the Atlantic coast or the border of Spain.

Most of our properties show this region´s traditional and rustic character: 1st storey houses, – the dwelling -, the ground floor for storage purposes and wine cellars.

If you´re looking for something more modern or even a plot of land to start your project from scratch, you can also find it with us.

All of this is waiting for you and for us the inhabitants of this region it´s a pleasure to share these wonders with other people. After all, what´s good tastes better if shared!

Come discover all of this with Esfera Real.